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Did your house not sell?

Did you choose the Realtor who quoted the highest price for your house?

This is the most  common mistake made by many sellers. The Listing Realtor lists your house for the highest price and tells you that someone out there will pay this price. Did you ever stop to think that this is a buyers' market? Even if it was a balanced market, most of the buyers work with Professional Realtors, who act as their advisors. Why will a Buyer's agent make his client put an offer on a house which is way too over priced?

Anyway, you end up reducing the price of your house eventualy. But the window of opportunity has already closed as most of the serious buyers who looked at your house end up buying someone ellse's house. The only option you are left with is either have the listing expire or reduce your price way too much and some buyer will take advantage of your desparation.

So why not start with an optimum price at the first place?

Posted on: Wed, February 18, 2009 by Raj Khurana

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